When you get asked if you want to help clean out an old bicycle shop two things go through your mind. The first thing is: “YES!” The second thing is: “I hope none of my friends are invited.” Or, at least, the friends that are there don’t ride the same size bicycle as you. Because when you’re going through a building like Memphis Cycle & Supply Co. it’s really nice to have someone to geek out with, and then help you load the cargo bicycle and ride home with you.

Many of the choice bicycles and frames were selected for rehab through Carpenter Street Community Bike Shop but there were still a few keepers buried under the boxes. I rode home with an old Peugeot that will be converted to a single speed with a basket, and an old Schwinn Predator which will see some action in a few years when my son gets a little bigger.

Dig through the gallery below and let me know if you spot something I should have grabbed.

For the record, that awesome friend I mentioned earlier is Cory. You can find his pictures of me and the cargo bike, as well as his many adventures on his Instagram Native Cyclist.

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