Jessica made the road trip from New York to New Orleans with Chase. Having never been to Memphis she didn’t really know what to expect so while the streets were wide with very little traffic, it was the humidity that slowed her down. The first video I saw of her in Memphis she had her head ducked towards the sprinkler on the first hole at Overton Park and she was walking with it’s movement. So we rode over to my house and cooled down a bit before heading back out for a little bike tour of downtown. I had never heard of Brother Cycles but her bike is one of my top 3 color choices so you know they have to be good. I took some pictures and Jessica sent over the story of how she heard about Brother Cycles. This is what she said:

A couple years ago I was working at the Rapha Cycle Club in NYC and our friend Jack Kitching would charge in with his commuter – a teal-to-pink fade “Kepler” Brother frame & fork that had canti brakes, big tires (the thing can hold up to a 42mm tire) and a front rack for all his stuff. To me it didn’t really look like a true CX frame, but has a geometry similar to one. It looked FUN. It was probably one of the few frames I had seen come into the shop that I wanted for myself.

A year later Jack was moving out of the city, and sold the bike to my colleague Thomas. I was pretty jealous but Thomas pointed out, the frames are actually fairly well-priced if I wanted to get one, too.
The next holiday was Thanksgiving so I made up in my mind that I needed a “Thanksgiving gift” and I bought the frame. However for the first few months, it remained unbuilt.

At the time, I was training pretty hard for my road season. I ended up injuring my right leg bad enough to have to call off the entire season. I turned to the “Kepler” Brother as my recovery bike. I dressed it up with Sram and a set of Stan’s NoTubes Alpha 340s. We had it fit with my physical Therapist, Taylor Hatcher to have a much more comfortable positioning than my road bike, in order to take the pressure off my hips and lower spine. Since then, it is the only bike in my stable I have been able to do longer rides on. I commute on it daily but I have also taken it on gravel rides up in Cold Springs, NY and in Asheville. It’s really been the bike that has mentally saved me, by enabling me to get back up on a bike during an injury and finally have fun riding again.

PS: right before our road trip, Chase purchased the new Brother Kepler Disc – the first frame they are offering compatible with Disc Brakes. So yes, we will be camping with our matching Keplers before the summer season is over.

You can see more of Jessica’s adventures in racing and out of racing on her Instagram @anonymous_agent.

This also marks the first appearance of Dick Butt on this website.