There was a spot on the Loosahatchie where, many years ago, I went swimming with some friends. I didn’t drive so I don’t remember where it was. Chime in if you do know, though, because it’s about the get hot. I didn’t plan on finding it on this ride; this was more about finding anything.

We set off, with handsaws in the handlebar bag and a machete strapped to the top tube, for the Loosahatchie River to the North of the city. Lessons learned from President’s Island. Almost immediately we were in a powerline field. The map calls it Vieh Park. This had been mowed not too long ago, but long enough ago that the wet grass caused a couple of tire slips going up the small hills. No big deal and fun enough that I’d cut through there again. We came out of this short section with clean shoes and continued up toward the Loosahatchie.

We found a few more “gravel” roads but nothing that would let us get any miles on them so we pushed up a little bit farther, found that the Loosahatchie was nothing but sand, and decided to take Fite Rd all the way over to Shelby Forest. We soon learned that it was a big race weekend (besides Paris Roubaix) so we felt a little bit like Yonder Journal while we watched some people and their hobby that’s more expensive than ours. (h/t Carter)

Making all those little detours on the way up really hid the fact that we were graced with a tailwind but the ride back from the Forest made us acknowledge the wind like boxers tapping gloves. We came out fighting and danced our way back to Overton Park where we had some candied bacon and caramel cupcakes from Memphis Mojo Food Truck. TKO.

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