Kyle rolls adanay. One look at his broken-in Brooks saddle will tell you that. But isn’t this what you would expect from a city Bike/Ped Coordinator who was just poached by national bicycle advocacy game-changer People For Bikes?

This Casseroll is painted one of my all-time top 3 favorite bicycle colors: metallic sky blue. Take a classic color and classic lines and then triple down on it by dressing it in Campagnolo. The more you hear Kyle talk the more you can understand his choice of groupset. In much the same way that Campagnolo laid the foundation for bicycle technology for the 75 years following the invention of the quick release, Kyle often pays homage to Revolutions Community Bike Shop. His podcast The Bike Nerds, with co-host Sara, reveals the role Revolutions played in his career and that of many advocacy minded peers. No doubt Kyle’s choice of Campagnolo was made easier from handling age-old Campagnolo parts while at Revolutions and feeling how they maintain their precision year after year. I also agree with his choice of Cinelli bar tape 100%. This is some of the best feeling and longest lasting tape I have ever used. It’s so good that, like me, Kyle keeps an extra box of it in a drawer at home. You know, just in case. With that extra tape and those Record hubs this bike will keep going forward for a very long time. Except for that saddle. Who knows how much longer that thing has…

These sexy photos of Kyle were taken towards the beginning of his tenure at the City of Memphis. People For Bikes: this is who you’re getting. I’m sure you couldn’t be happier!