Avi’s Surly Big(ger) Dummy

My dad built got this bike for me before I was born because he loves bikes and wanted to share that joy with me. Like all of his bikes he’s never satisfied with the stock build so he took the 26″ wheels off and put on these 27.5″ Mavic hoops with Deore hubs. Surly has a slogan that “Fatties Fit Fine” and this is proof. The Bigger Dummy rolls fast and I’ve let dad take it out on some longer 50 to 60 mile rides for his work but most of the time I let him ride me around to the playground at Overton Park. He loads up my snacks like peanut butter packets and sliced cucumbers in the bags in the back, throws a blanket on the Gamoh King Porteur front rack, and then pedals this beast. He gets to play with all of the controls on the handlebars and sit on that comfy Bontrager Nebula+ saddle. I sit in the orange seat on the back and check out all the things around me; like big trucks, cranes, dogs and all the pretty trees in the city. I’m cool with the orange seat right now but one of these days I’m gonna ditch it. I’m almost ready to start going my own direction.