It’s a testament to craftsmanship when, in today’s leap-frog world of bicycle technology and ADHD-esque fad shifts, you own the same bike for more than 5 years. In fact, when a bike has remained unchanged by the manufacturer for over 10 years it’s a testament. Perhaps the Trek 520 is the longest running example of this almost Luddite devotion. Like the 520, about the only thing that’s changed with the Soma Rush is the head tube diameter. That’s speaking generally. However, zooming in on the lifespan of an individual bike you will find various outfits. These stylings can be as humdrum as bar tape, as minute as a 3 degree change in stem rise, as hallowed as a wheelset or as heavenly as a new paint job; all changes that hide the previous life.

The reason I love this bike is because you get a glimpse into a previous incarnation. The red paint is left like dirt under fingernails or nail polish the morning after a solid night out. This bike has lived through the work days and the party nights and come through it all with a no guff, all gruff persona. See what I’m talking about in the photos.

Cory has just started Native Cyclist where you will be seeing more bikes and the people who ride them. We shot some photos of him today and he has them up. Check back for more updates, soon.