Some beaches are at the mercy of the tide, sandy shores at low tide and barely banks at high. Nevertheless, they are predictable, controlled by the moon. Sarlie Beach is different; there one day, gone the next. Consumed by the rolling Mississippi River, which chews land moreso than swallows it. As the river recedes it spits the land back out, along with driftwood and catfish heads.



For Carter’s birthday we gathered up a group to ride the gravel in Arkansas around Dacus Lake and just do some general cxploring. After coffee, cookies, and waiting on everyone to actually get to the meet-up, we carved through Midtown alleys and over the Old Bridge. Work on the Harahan and the line into West Memphis is shaping up nicely. It will still be a while before the next trip over there produces some Memphis skyline photos but the next ride to Pancho’s should be paved all the way. (We will probably do it once to say we’ve done it, then go back to riding the gravel.)


After doing a little gravel loop and playing “Where does this road go?” we ended up at Sarlie Beach. (Hopefully someone will chime in and tell us how that name came to be because the only mention I can find is another photograph from 2014.) We rode right down to the beach but the sand will stop you just like any sand can if you don’t have a fat tire. So we leaned the bikes against a pillar and hung out for a while.

Once we were back across the bridge we bombed the bluff down to the Port and climbed straight back up again. I made a segment out of the uphill portion. Strava says that Blake and I tied at 38 seconds but he knows I beat him up that climb. No matter though, I crested it in 34 seconds back in June. See if you can take it from me.

You can see our ride on Strava and check out more in the gallery below.