Living in an East-West oriented city means that most of my riding is done in a central corridor so I’m always searching Google Maps for new places to ride. More than just alternate routes to my regular destinations; places I’ve never been on roads I’ve never ridden. I think back to all of the different groups I’ve ridden with (late night Co-op rides, early morning shop rides, Cycle Memphis) and they all, in some form or another, stay in that East-West corridor, with the exception being the obligatory ride North along the river to Shelby Forest. So what else is out there? Let’s start with a little ride South (along the river) to Chucalissa. Only a 10 mile ride from downtown Memphis, Chucalissa is a reconstructed Native American village and beside it sits T.O. Fuller State Park and it’s abandoned golf course. There is a hiking trail that would be suitable for a mountain bike but proved too much for our ‘cross bikes. The cart paths inside the golf course are semi-overgrown and with more elevation change than most of Memphis, this is an ideal place for ‘cross bikes. Some of the paths have been reclaimed by Mother Nature so watch out as you’re bombing hills and rounding blind corners! You can delve into my Strava Ride and see how we got down.


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